The Federal Government must spend the highway trust fund dollars on infrastructure as intended. Diversions of highway money to alternative uses like the “bullet-train-to nowhere” must stop. Private and public partnerships can extend tax dollars effectiveness with benefits for all. Project Labor Agreements are the bane of cost savings and taxpayer value. Below I highlight two main areas of my stance on infrastructure.


Long Beach Harbor


Our Long Beach harbor is the economic engine of our City of Long Beach in the 47th Congress District. The harbor is one of the largest and busiest in the world with over half of all ship based US imports coming through the Long Beach/LA Harbor complex. We have a problem Houston, Panama has built new canal locks to steal away our Long Beach Port shipments. Heretofore large container ships could not fit through the old nineteenth century locks; shippers were forced to use Long Beach/LA ports. Today New York, Miami, and New Orleans ports are vying to steal our shipping. Congress must do everything possible to bolster the infrastructure of the harbor to keep it competitive with transshipment through the new Panama Canal locks.

Roads and Bridges


It is no secret; our roads and bridges are falling apart. Roads that cannot carry the traffic become a detriment to commerce and will stall our economic recovery from COVID 19. Currently, Congress uses the Highway Trust Fund that we all paid for with our gas tax dollars as a cushion to bolster the budget each year. I will make Congress spend OUR money on OUR roads and bridges as the federal gas tax trust fund was intended.   My point is simple, we have the money, the trust fund money belongs to us, SPEND THE MONEY!