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Common Sense Series

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Welcome To Alan Lowenthal’s Long Beach Series

Share the videos below to raise awareness for what we must fix in the 47th District! Links to YouTube provided.


Public Safety


Happy Birthday Alan Initiative

Join us in welcoming Alan Lowenthal to the octogenarian class of the US Congress. We’d like you to visit his facebook page and simply send @RepLowenthal a tweet wishing him a very happy and joyous upcoming 80th Birthday! Let’s politely let everyone know that he has served long enough and it’s time for a change. Happy Birthday Alan!

Happy 80th Birthday @RepLowenthal! Congratulations on making it so far in life. You’ve had a very long career of public service. #LongBeach #CA47

It’s a special thing to make it to your 80th year @RepLowenthal. A special Happy 80th Birthday to you! Hope you can get a rest after your long career of public service. #LongBeach #CA47