Immigration Issues

The Federal Government must secure our borders assuring only persons allowed and authorized enter the US. There must be a robust "E-verify" system to check employee status, more than a checked box on a job application. The US visa system must be fixed to account for merit immigration need of our industries. The border must be secured by all means necessary.

John Briscoe

John Briscoe

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Sanctuary Cities

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The Federal Government must immediately work at assure full cooperation by all jurisdictions with ICE and Homeland Security immigration enforcement. Criminal aliens must not be released back into the community without Federal vetting. Shipping felons back does no good if they can just walk back over again and again as they currently do.  

Bridges & Roads

Bridge and road

The Federal Government must spend the highway trust fund dollars on infrastructure as intended. Diversions of highway money to alternative uses like the "bullet-train-to nowhere" must stop. Private and public partnerships can extend tax dollars effectiveness with benefits for all. Project Labor Agreements are the bane of cost savings and taxpayer value. 

John Will Fix

4th of July

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  • Gas and Car Tax

Gas & Car Tax

Gas and Car tax

Families are voting with their feet, leaving the State of California for lower tax states with fair equitable gas and auto tax laws. California must be made to spend all auto tax dollars collected directly on auto related expenditures including Federal Highway funds. Over taxing both car and fuel used to get to work is outrageous and will be stopped.