The Federal Government must secure our borders assuring only persons allowed and authorized enter the US. We are a sovereign nation and a secure border is essential to maintaining our sovereignty. We must fix our US visa system to ensure accurate industry based immigration. And once our border is secured, we can discuss pathways to citizenship for those who have earned it. Below I highlight three main areas of my stance on immigration.


Family Migration


Family migration is wonderful! Under current law if a family wants to bring in Granny from Cambodia or Vietnam, Granny is welcomed under family repatriation rules. However, the inviting family must promise in writing that Granny will never ever never be on welfare or collect social security. The sponsoring family promises to support Granny for all her remaining days of life.  This is fantastic!  Families brought together at no risk of taxpayer obligation.


Felon & Criminal Removal


The Federal Government must focus priority resources on getting rid of all convicted felons and criminals from other countries. The infamous “MS-13 Gang” is a prime example of bad seeds planted across our nation. Every “MS-13 Gang” member that is documented and deported represents tens-of-thousands of dollars saved for incarceration costs, community robbery costs, and rape & murders that will not happen.

Border Security


The US owns and is responsible for maintenance of a secure and locked border.  It is the job and duty of the Federal Government to assure that only authorized and approved persons cross our border into the USA. To accomplish this we must do everything possible to stop unauthorized border crossings.  These measures can include airplane patrols, motor vehicle patrols, boats in river adjacent borders, radar, and fencing.