Key Issues

Strong on homelessness, immigration, healthcare and infrastructure

Long Beach Homelessness


The homeless problem in our communities of Los Angeles and Orange Counties is big and growing bigger. Today the ordinary resident must step over sleeping urine-soaked bodies strewn sleeping on our streets and sidewalks. Our parks can be seen filled with daytime sleeping homeless folks, “sleeping it off.” It is too much. We must put a stop to the rampant homelessness.

California immigration policy


The Federal Government must secure our borders assuring only persons allowed and authorized enter the US. We are a sovereign nation and a secure border is essential to maintaining our sovereignty. We must fix our US visa system to ensure accurate industry based immigration. And once our border is secured, we can discuss pathways to citizenship for those who have earned it.

Long Beach Infrastructure | 47th District of California


The Federal Government must spend the highway trust fund dollars on infrastructure as intended. Diversions of highway money to alternative uses like the “bullet-train-to nowhere” must stop. Private and public partnerships can extend tax dollars effectiveness with benefits for all. Project Labor Agreements are the bane of cost savings and taxpayer value.

Healthcare Policy | Long Beach | Wesminster | Garden Grove | Cypress


I recognize the current need to protect preexisting conditions as part and parcel of all health insurance plans and should remain so. But there are other areas in which we need to get to work! We need to alleviate price controls on hospitals and doctors that do nothing, except drive prices up and open up the insurance market nationwide to increase competition and reduce pricing.

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